Jazz-rock ensemble Shaolin Fez launches crowdfunding campaign, concert series for new album

Shaolin Fez has grown to be one of the most unique and ambitious independent projects in Hong Kong's live music scene.

Established in 2012, the jazz-rock spin-off of the Hong Kong Philharmonic is currently among the most respected indie bands in the city. After four years, the group is now gearing up to release its highly-anticipated and long-overdue new record.

To this end, it has set up a a special crowd-funding campaign for supporters and donors to pre-order the record, in exchange for some creative incentives and benefits courtesy of the band.

A non-profit endeavour, Shaolin Fez is also pledging 100% of the proceeds from the eventual public sale of their forthcoming release to refugee relief, particularly the Save the Children's efforts for Syrian children.

The campaign officially launches on May 5th Thursday, along with the first of its series of fundraising concerts, titled Shaolin Fez: Unplugged Part I at Fringe Underground.

Fans and music enthusiasts however can already donate and preorder online via the live SparkRaise crowdfunding pre-order campaign page, and check out the different perks offered for pre-ordering the record.

Watch the video below and learn more about the Shaolin Fez "Story", and support the arts, Hong Kong live music, and a good cause.



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