Shark brutally killed by Hong Kong newlyweds in graphic video

A video depicting a gruesome Hong Kong wedding tradition has been circulating online.

Entitled "Congratulations", the graphic 30-second clip shows a newly married couple mutilating a shark on a boat, sawing off its fins before kicking it overboard.

A subtitle toward the end of the video reads "For every Hong Kong wedding 30 sharks have to die."

The online campaign, commissioned by the Hong Kong Shark Foundation along with global conservation advocate WildAid, and produced by international agency Ogilvy & Mather, seeks to call attention to the alarming proliferation of shark killings, especially in relation to social gatherings like Hong Kong weddings.

Shark fin soup is a controversial local delicacy commonly served in Hong Kong wedding celebrations. Its preparation involves removing a shark's fins and discarding the rest of the animal into ocean, where it drowns from being unable to swim properly. The dish has been heavily criticized for being a serious factor in severely endangering several species of sharks around the world.

View the disturbing video below.



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