DBCC Silverbackz take home shield at Phuket Cricket Sixes

On April 13, the Discovery Bay Cricket Club Silverbackz, led by Captain Nilesh Jhaveri, travelled to Thailand to take part in the Phuket Cricket Sixes 2016.

After three days of gruelling competition in scorching heat, the team pushed hard to claim the Golden Shield. The captain himself powered through a severe bout of dehydration to play on the final day, and ultimately led the team to victory.

"It was truly an amazing event that tested us both as a team, and as friends that are willing to be there for each other, no matter what the circumstances," says Nilesh.


DBCC Silverbackz comprise Ritesh G, Amol B, Mahesh T, Yousef Abdullah, honorary Silverback Brad Tarr of Lamma CC, and Captain Nilesh Jhaveri.

Cricket Nets will be on Saturday, April 30th from 8.30am onwards followed by the Presentation Ceremony @ McSorleys at 11:30am.



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