This special T-shirt helps you communicate in foreign countries

For those who like to travel abroad, one the biggest problems on most trips is the language barrier. Especially in more exotic locations, finding a bathroom or bus terminal can be a bit tricky.

Enter ICONSPEAK, a new company devoted to keeping tourists from getting lost in translation. It was created by Swiss entrepreneurs George, Steven and Florian, who found inspiration while visiting the rural parts of Vietnam.

In place of local dictionaries or translator apps (which become unusable when a mobile device runs out of battery), ICONSPEAK provides graphic tees and other clothing with forty icons printed on the front. In a pinch, wearers can simply point to one or a combination of these icons to convey the message or expression they wish to communicate in other countries.

Each icon is cleverly designed to help tourists find lodging, transportation, banks or money changers, restaurants and pubs, hospitals and more. They can also help people ask for the time or WiFi password, as well as say thanks for a meal.


ICONSPEAK ships products worldwide. You can learn more about the company and browse their catalogue at

Wouldn't you want this the next time you go out of town?


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