Team Canada takes 23rd Tennis Nations Cup

In yet another surprising turn of events, heavily favored Team Australia places second after intense competition at DBRC's tennis courts.


Great weather prevailed last weekend, which made for ideal conditions for the highly-anticipated event. Of the 20 teams that took part, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Hong Kong China emerged for the semi-final matches on Sunday.



After Team Australia's dynastic 10-year winning streak was cut by Team China in 2015, it looked like the former champs were ready to take back the gold, besting Team Germany, another favourite, and moving on to the finals.

Smashing Success: Tennis Nations

Waiting for them on the opposite side of the net was Team Canada, who beat Team Hong Kong China in the semi-final round. Australia however could not capitalise on the opportunity to reclaim the crown, with Canada rising to the occasion as this year's victor.


Team Canada also won the Spirit of Sulisa award for sportsmanship.



The traditional after-party went into full swing as planned, beginning with each team making grand entrances with song and dance numbers in full costume. Team USA stole the spotlight with kooky outfits from the MTV-era, landing them the evening's best-dressed award.


Team Scandinavia also stood out, with its female members dressed as airline pilots, while the men dressed as flight attendants.


Bay Media congratulates the organisers and all the participants of the 23rd Tennis Nations Cup, a truly spectacular and meaningful celebration of sport and friendship.




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