Captured on camera: A glimpse of Lantau in the 1950s

Bay Media stumbled upon some old footage of Lantau Island taken about 66 years ago.

Facebook user Wai Tse has been sharing a number of vintage films on his timeline. These films showcase many scenes and events in Hong Kong and China from the early 20th century onwards.

Among them is this stunning montage of Lantau Island, uploaded earlier this month. The film shows the island's early rural community, the majestic mountain landscape, and of course, the local bovine population.

See the video below.


1950年香港,66年前大嶼山.昂平,鹿湖,鳳凰山,大澳遊在昂平大風坳.空氣清斯,青蒽翠綠山森,梯田,牛隻食草在山上見到海天一景牌坊..海天一景是最早期寶蓮寺牌坊,也是寶蓮寺第二代主持筏可大師筆跡,當時寶蓮寺不失為清修好地方,滄海桑田,過了66年後今天海天一景牌坊隱藏於樹林間,地圖無標示,而寶蓮寺變成金碧輝煌.昔日香港 (片源 michaelrogge 剪輯片段)

Posted by Wai Tse on Sunday, 7 February 2016



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