Be careful with dim sums: Inedible mushrooms may have mixed into prepackaged batch

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department's Centre for Food Safety (CFS) has warned the public to halt consumption of prepackaged yellow boletus as a batch of product was suspected to contain some inedible/poisonous species of mushrooms.

The product in question is Joinluck Corporation Limited's CanBest - Wild Yellow boletus 60 gram pack (best before December 30, 2016).

"Following up on a suspected food poisoning case in relation to the consumption of yellow boletus as notified by the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, the CFS has conducted investigation at a department store in Tai Po. The department store concerned has stopped selling and removed from shelves the affected batch of the product according to the CFS' instruction," said a spokesman for the CFS.

"The CFS has also followed up with the importer and packer of the product concerned and request it to stop sale and recall the affected batch of the product. Based on the distribution information provided by the importer and packer, the CFS has contacted other vendors which have purchased the affected product and confirmed that they have already stopped sale and removed from shelves the incriminated product."

Members of the public are advised to stop consuming the product, as well as to seek medical advice immediately should symptoms develop after consuming mushrooms. The importer/packer can be reached at 2984 8148 during office hours for information regarding the recall.

Mushroom poisoning typically manifests different symptoms, depending on the species as well as the amount consumed, usually within a short incubation period. Gastrointestinal symptoms including nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain are most common. Some distinct indications of mushroom poisoning are extreme thirst, profuse sweating, hallucination, coma and other neurological symptoms.

Consumers are advised to heed the following:
 - Do not buy mushroom products which are doubted to have carried mixing of unknown species
 - Do not buy mushrooms which look unhygienic (with growing substrates left with the product) or show signs of spoilage (with coloured spots/abnormal smell/slime, etc.)
 - Wash and cook mushrooms thoroughly before consumption
 - Seek medical treatment immediately if mushroom poisoning is suspected

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