Ferry fare freeze for all and concessionary fare for helpers!

Late last year, DB resident Dr Francis Chiu (Chairman of Siena Two B Village Owners Committee) and  a group of volunteers ran a petition campaign to ask the ferry company to freeze the ferry fare. More than 800 signatures were collected over a period of a few days.

Discovery Bay Transportation Services  Ltd (DBPTL) announced last week that the existing fares for the ferry service between DB and Central will remain unchanged in 2016 and the concessionary fares for FDHs employed by DB residents will be extended for another year until Jan 8, 2017.

Please remember to present your FDH card issued by DBTPL. You will then enjoy half fare on Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory holidays. Please note that this special fare is not applicable for ferries running between 12am and 5am.

17.01.2016 ferry fare freeze


17.01.2016 ferry fare freeze letter Francis



 17.01.2016 ferry fare freeze reply to letter Francis



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