Dead green turtle, caught in nets around Pui O, South Lantau.

Over the weekend, DB resident and South East Asia Director for Sea Shepherd Gary Stokes was called to recover a dead green turtle in South Lantau waters. The dead juvenile animal was sadly found entangled in a fishing net near Pui O.

Iain Brymer, a 49-year-old British national, came across the dead turtle while paddling around Pui O. He immediately contacted Gary who got onto his boat, found the dead turtle and brought it back to Discovery Bay, where AFCD officials picked it up.

As Gary told our team: "it was very sad to recover a dead green turtle that had got caught in fishing net. The net was wrapped around the turtle's neck mouth and flippers and the cause of death was sadly clear! This is a big deal. Out of Five species of sea turtle recorded in Hong Kong, only green turtles breed in our waters. It's important to raise awareness about the danger of these horrible fishing nets that catch and kill all living species in the water but also represent a danger to divers. These nets are very cheap and fishermen leave them everywhere in the water".

Most nets discarded in HK waters are homemade and break easily. Gary says that the government should regulate these artisanal fishing methods to avoid such drama.

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Photo credit: Gary Stokes/ Sea Shepherd


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