What would Monopoly money get you in HK's current property market?

More than 50 years ago, the Monopoly's HK edition was created by Parker Brother. Since 1965, as we all know, the HK property market has changed beyond recognition! It's now home to some of the most exclusive and expensive properties in the world! 


Interestingly, monopoly fan Justin Cheuk decided to highlight the real picture of Hong Kong’s notoriously pricey housing market with this impressive infographics below:

11.01.2016 hk monopoly with current prices

 A few explanations and comments about the board:

1. The board goes by location rather than by streets, as it was done in the original board.
2. The prices shown reflect a calculated average for all property transactions between September and November 2015 in the featured areas.
3. The median monthly income in HK would not allow you to afford 6 of the featured locations!

For more, check out Cheuk's blog.


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