More BLUE TAXIS expected to hit the roads in 2016

Long overdue! 25 new Lantau taxis are expected to commence operation in the second quarter of 2016.

Last December, The Transport Department issued a tender for an extra 25 Blue Taxi plates. The spokesman for the Transport Department said, "The survey results and public feedback have shown that there is unmet demand in the current Lantau taxi service. Future developments on Lantau Island and the projected growth of the local population and visitors will further add to the demand for such service. Therefore, the Government decided to issue 25 Lantau taxi licences."

1997/ 1998 was the last time the number of Lantau taxi licences increased. This was due to the opening of the new airport on Lantau Island.

Photo credit: "HK Lantau Island Taxi" by WiNG and courtesy of Oriental Daily


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