Is Facebook CEO really giving away US$4.5 million to FB users?

A message is spreading across Facebook that claims Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is giving away 10% of his $45 billion charity pledge to certain Facebook users.

FB users  need to copy and paste a message to their Facebook statuses.

The message claims that once you copy and paste the message and tag 5 friends into the status, Facebook will choose 1000 users to win $4.5millon each.

This also appeared on Good morning America but unfortunately, it's a hoax!

This rumour is just another variant of an almost endless string of “copy and paste to win” type hoaxes that claim copying and pasting a status to your timeline will give you a chance of winning something.

This is the message that has gone viral across the internet within hours!

23.12.2015 zuckerberg pledge message

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