Lantau kids raise alarm to rescue stranded fishermen

A group of young people aboard the ferry to Mui Wo on Sunday evening played a key role in the rescue of four fishermen whose boat had capsized.

Mui Wo resident Paul Docherty's son, Ace, was among the group of about 10 young people on board the ferry which left Discovery Bay about 6.15pm.

Paul said Ace, 8, was sitting up the front of the ferry near an open window when he and his friend, Harriet Fox, heard voices on the water as the ferry neared Mui Wo.

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"They heard shouting in both Cantonese and English coming from the water and what sounded like people calling 'help'," Paul said.

"They knew something was wrong and when they saw somebody in the water they tapped on the window of the bridge where the captain was to get his attention."


The ferry captain, once alerted to the potential problem, swung the ferry around to investigate.

"I went to the front of the boat and the captain was shining a light on four fishermen (in the water) who were holding on to the top of a small fishing boat which had upturned," he said.

Paul said everyone on board the ferry pitched in to help rescue the four males - a youth, another two men in their 30s and one man in his 60s.

"The three younger ones we got on board the boat very quickly, but the older man was struggling and it took awhile to get him on the boat," Paul said.

Paul praised the children on board the ferry for their behaviour during the rescue, which took about 15 to 20 minutes.

"The kids were so calm," he said. "I am proud of them all."

Paul, who owned Mui Wo's China Bear until about six months ago, was in DB for the Sunday Market with his new gender neutral clothing business, MaofeMao.

Pictures:, Paul Docherty

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