Hong Kong Disneyland ticket price changes

Changes to ticket prices at Hong Kong Disneyland took effect from today.

The South China Morning Post reported a raft of changes to different ticket tiers - with increases in day passes but cuts to annual passes.

Disneyland is offering a 15 per cent discount for the renewal of annual entry passes. There will be a 14 per cent reduction in the price for those buying a pass for the first time.

The SCMP reported the park said it hoped the new offer could boost the sale of annual passes, which were particularly popular among locals, who accounted for about 32 per cent of visitors.

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Meanwhile, a one-day ticket increased 8 per cent to HK$539, while a child's ticket increased by 8.5 per cent to HK$385.

The biggest increase is for a two-day pass for children, which has rised 9.4 per cent to HK $525.

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