Fast and fun: Salomon LT70

Discovery Bay residents blitzed the competition at this year's Salomon Lantau Trail 70 event.

The Salomon LT70 sees individuals and teams tackle the 70km Lantau Trail loop from Mui Wo. In the relay event, teams of four run one-quarter of the trail each, while individuals run the entire 70kms, beginning and ending in Mui Wo.

DBers were well represented in many of the event's categories, with DB women's team d.BeFit taking out the women's relay category and Michael Skobierski representing DB in the men's relay winning team.

Locals also got a guernsey in the solo events with Tung Chung's Vince Natteri coming in third at 9 hours and seven minutes and former Pui O resident Valerie Lagarde coming in second in the women's solo in 10 hours and six minutes.

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Lantau Base Camp's Shane Early said 33 relay teams of four and 420 solo runners took part in the event on October 31.

He said the event went well thanks to dedicated volunteers, with runners and supporters enjoying a fun finish line outside China Bear in Mui Wo.

Katia Kucher, of winning women's relay team d.BeFit, said team members Amy Bramley, Jemima Callaghan and Maria Gomez were thrilled with the win.

Katia, a resident of DB for five years, said the group who are all working mothers with seven children between them, trained regularly and really enjoyed the event.

Michael Skobierski, who moved to DB just three months ago, said he was new to trail running, although he had done a lot of cycling and running.


Photographs: Katia Kutcher

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