Virgin Atlantic cuts Hong Kong crew numbers to save money

Virgin Atlantic Airways flights out of Hong Kong will operate with fewer cabin crew after the airline lays off senior staff.

The South China Morning Post reported 50 senior Hong Kong cabin staff would lose their jobs by March next year - about two-thirds of the total staff.

It comes after half of the airline's flight attendants lost their jobs about 18 months ago when the airline scrapped its Hong Kong to Sydney flights.

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A letter to staff said the decision was a result of the airline deciding to remove the senior cabin crew role.

“After very careful consideration we have decided to simplify our rank structure by having one rank of cabin crew that will work across all cabins, and as a result, from 31 March 2016, we will no longer have a Senior Cabin Crew role,” the letter said.

The South China Morning Post reported a trial is under way to operate Virgin’s sole London Heathrow to Hong Kong flight with 10 crew instead of 12 – part of the same money-saving measures.

Photograph: Wikipedia

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