5 tips for first-time mums

Finally! After nine long months of expecting, your bundle of joy has arrived. Everyone has been treating you like a queen, you’ve been prepped like an athlete, you’ve given birth and then ... what?

1: Let go of the baby you fantasized about and welcome the actual child in to your life, and most importantly, embrace the reality that you have a fully distinct human being who has particular needs that are not always easy to understand.

2: You will feel an overwhelming ocean of love, but also a little person that needs his mummy 24 hours a day. So adapt, pace yourself and give yourself time to get this right. You don’t become a mother overnight.

3: Having a baby is exhausting, and you can say it! This doesn’t make you a bad mother, quite the opposite. Don’t give in to hypocrisy, become more responsible and seek help if you need.

4: Maternal struggles remain taboo because we still receive a false, glorified image of newborns, what they need and the legendary glamorous mothers out there. Break free from this taboo. Scream it out loud. Yes, being a mum isn’t a walk in the park, but that doesn’t take away from the beauty of these feelings. Dare to seek help just as you did to deliver your baby.

5: Enjoy every moment you have with your newborn and with proper help (maybe your husband, a relative, your helper, a friend or a psychologist), you can get some energy back, relax, learn to handle your emotions, feel confident and re-fuel with someone who is there to listen.

Photograph: pixabay 

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