Cathay Pacific vows to address 'increased workload' of pilots

Cathay Pacific has acknowledged the “increased workload” for staff and crew as a result of recent expansion.

The South China Morning Post reported today that the airline wrote an internal letter to all pilots after Cathay captains expressed concerns about pilot fatigue.

Nearly 100 of the airline’s captains put their signatures to the airline saying flight safety is under threat because aircrews were fatigued.

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The captains say pilots are routinely hitting the cap on flying hours - known as approved flight time limitation (AFTL) - governed by the Hong Kong's aviation regulator to prevent fatigue.

This came after a rostering practices agreement was scrapped.

Cathay Pacific’s director of flight operations Anna Thompson said in her letter: "I am very aware that our recent expansion has led to an increased workload for many of our staff and crew.”

She said she was committed to tackling the issues.

Originally reported in The Sunday Morning Post, the signatories of the letter said: “We feel strongly that these concerns need to be heard at the highest levels within the company and be placed on the record.”


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