Concern for South Lantau baby calf

SOUTH Lantau residents have expressed concern for the welfare of a newborn calf in the Tong Fuk herd.

Facebook fans on the Mui Wo to Tai O Families page shared photos of the young calf, which was born last week.

TJ Bardwell said he thought the calf looked weak and queried whether it was getting sufficient milk from the mother.

Lantau Buffalo Association chairman Loy Ho said she understood the newborn calf was in a satisfactory condition.

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She said it was normal for a young calf to take about two weeks to establish its relationship with its mother and feed properly.

"It's normal if it looks a bit drowsy or gets left behind in the field as the mum needs to go and eat and the baby can't move fast enough," she said.

"The baby has to learn how to go with its mother - if it's not moving with the herd by next week then we will take it to the farm."

Ms Ho said it was important that the mother cow was strong.

"Tong Fuk mother cows are very experienced cows," she said.

"The only real problem will be if the mum has something wrong with her, or if she is not recovering properly."

She said the group checked on the herds fairly regularly, although she had not personally seen the newborn.

She said autumn was a good season for a newborn as the weather conditions were not too harsh.

She urged the public to stay vigilant and said it was helpful when they took photos if they had concern about animal welfare.

The Lantau Buffalo Assocation hotline is 8103 6312 and the email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Photographs by Anna Fenton.

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