Sea Shepherd slams response to whale curry sales

THE Sea Shepherd has criticised authorities for failing to test a sample of whale meat curry found for sale in 759 stores last month.

Sea Shepherd Global Asia Director Gary Stokes, a DB resident, wrote to the Commissioner of HK Customs & Excise on August 24 regarding the incident urging strong action.

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But he has been left disappointed by the response from authorities, telling the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) they were “brushing off responsibility and concern for the health of Hong Kong citizens."

Read his full statement here:


Dear Mr Donald Wong,
(For Director FEHD)
Thank you for your reply to my letter. I will be brutally honest, I see this as an unacceptable and irresponsible response from FEHD to what should be taken as a very serious threat to human health of Hong Kong citizens. The manner in which this matter is casually brushed off shows a laziness and lack of responsibility from a department that has the duty of care over all Hong Kong citizens health.
Yes the importation of illegal species into Hong Kong is being handled and investigated by AFCD and Customs & Excise. However I requested FEHD to inspect and lab test this meat, yet the attitude is that so long as it is not on the shelf there is no need. At present the 759 store admits to importing 240 cans. You are trusting ‘criminals’ that have boldly illegally imported a known endangered species into Hong Kong. You are recklessly assuming that this is the only shipment that 759 have ever imported into Hong Kong! Regardless of it now being in custody and no longer for sale, 7 cans were sold and you have absolutely no idea who to and if this meat is a hazard to human health. I urge you again to do your due diligence and test the meat or failing that to arrange permits for one specimen to be signed over to Sea Shepherd who will then have it tested independently.
Besides the toxic shipment of Fin Whale meat that arrived in Japan in March 2015 which was deemed unfit for human health by the Government of Japan (who themselves have a poor track record already when it comes to allowing poisonous goods to be consumed). I would like to draw your attention to this report just released today 1st Sept, 2015 by the highly respected EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency).
A new analysis of toxic whale & dolphin meat carried out by the EIA shows that Japan is still gambling with human health.
I expect you to revert your decision and test the whale curry meat and to make the results public. Failure to do so shows a lack of care and negligence towards the safety of the Hong Kong public.
Best regards
Gary Stokes
Director - Asia
Sea Shepherd








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