Schoolgirl's foot crushed by van in Discovery Bay

A Discovery Bay resident has warned of the need for children to be careful on local roads after a young girl was injured on her way home from school in DB on Monday.

Discovery Bay resident Adele Hodgson was picking up her two boys from school when she "heard the bang and the sound of brakes". Adele saw a young girl standing near a van and ran down to help.

"She was sitting down holding her leg by the time I got to her," Adele said. "I looked down at her foot and saw the damage was serious - her foot had been crushed under the wheel."

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An ambulance was called and medical assistance was provided by Island Health, before the girl was taken to hospital.

"The girl was very brave," Adele said. "You could see she was in a lot of pain but she listened to the advice she was given and held it together so well."

Adele said the incident was an important reminder to DB parents about road safety.

"I feel we need to educate our children on correct road safety - they are not used to proper traffic or busy roads so they don't really understand the dangers," she said.

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