Sea Shepherd urges strong action on sales of whale meat in Hong Kong

The influential marine wildlife conservation organisation, Sea Shepherd Global, has formally called on Hong Kong authorities to take strong action after whale meat was found in local supermarkets last week.

Sea Shepherd Global Asia Director Gary Stokes, a DB resident, has written today to the Commissioner of HK Customs & Excise regarding the incident.

Around DB reported last week that the tins of whale meat curry were found for sale in the 759 supermarket chain, which has removed all tins of whale meat and apologized to its customers for selling illegal endangered species meat.

Gary said that wildlife crime is at the top of many countries political agendas, and that the action taken by Hong Kong authorities is being watched by the international community.

In his letter, Gary pointed out that Hong Kong is “one of the epicenters of the world’s illegal trade” and it was important that any crimes found are punished to the full extent of the law.


“Both the store and the importer knew that Hong Kong is a signatory to CITES and that importing, possession or sale of whale meat or any other Appendix 1 listed species in Hong Kong is illegal,” Gary wrote.

“Under Cap 586 of the Hong Kong Law they need to be arrested and prosecuted.”

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