New bus stop for DB03P bus

Dr Francis Chiu, the convener of the We Deserve Better Action Group, has successfully campaigned for a brand new bus stop opposite Block 3 of Greenvale for passengers travelling on the DB03P bus (Sunny Bay to DB North Plaza).

As explained by Dr Francis Chiu, "this new arrangement will now allieviate the currently crowded situation on the DB03R, and give residents of these villages a good choice of taking the less crowded DB03P". This now makes it more convenient for residents living in Block 1, 2 and 3 of Greenvale, Siena 2A and Parkridge to travel and avoid congestion.

On the DB03P bus, the route runs from Sunny Bay down Siena Avenue towards its terminus at DB North Plaza. The DB03R goes straight to the DB Main Plaza.

The bus stop is already in operation and is ready to be used.

In terms of future action, Dr Francis Chiu will also ask for DB02A to stop at this bus stop too.

For more information on Dr Francis Chiu's "We Deserve Better" Action Group, click here

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