School’s back and DB’s abuzz

There’s a great feel around Discovery Bay at the moment as everyone settles back into everyday life after the summer holidays.

Kids are excited ahead of a new school year, parents, whether they have had a holiday themselves or not, are pleased to slot back into some sort of routine and DB is positively buzzing.

The weather is close to perfect, although a touch on the warm side for some, and Tai Pak Wan is more often than not overflowing with sun lovers either taking a quick dip or relaxing on the array of beach chairs on offer.

The beach itself looks a treat with its umbrellas and shiny blue water sparkling in the sun, while and the odd shower has done little to dampen the enthusiasm.

The giant slide has been a welcome addition for kids and adults alike, with their oohs and aahs heard by anyone in the vicinity as they enjoy a thrill and a cool-down at the same time.

The swimming pools at Club Siena and the DB Recreation Club are also getting a good working over and it truly is hard to argue that there is a better time of year to be in DB.

Conditions are perfect for a quiet refreshment, as seen by the crowds flocking to the plaza for knock off drinks. The outdoor seating of Hemingway’s, McSorley’s and throughout the plaza are in high demand as people grab the chance to soak up the rays while they can.

There is also plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks and months. There is the much anticipated Wild on Wine Party that is set to light up Tai Pak Wan from August 21 – 23,  a yoga day on August 22 and even an ultimate frisbee tournament, also on Tai Pak Wan, scheduled for August 29.

With so much happening, now is the perfect time to get out and about and make the most of everything DB has to offer.

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