Cab drivers arrested for overcharging clients around Lan Kwai Fong

A few days ago, two taxi drivers were arrested because they were overcharging clients around Lan Kwai Fong as reported by Apple Daily.

Police said the area around Lan Kwai Fong is well known for taxi drivers overcharging their clients. Police officers have been posing as tourists in this area trying to catch fraudulent taxi drivers. Already, since the beginning of the month, they have handed out 25 penalty tickets.

Since the beginning of 2015, over 450 complaints have been reported to HK Island Police and 17 taxi drivers have been arrested. These complaints include: overcharging, refusing to take clients if the ride is too short or failing to use the shortest route.

If taxi drivers are convicted of overcharging, under HK Law, it's a serious offence that can lead to six months of imprisonment and a fine of up to HK$10,000.

To report a taxi driver's fraudulent charge or action, call 3661 1602 or visit G/F, No.149 Queen's Road in Central.

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