46 people suffer food poisoning after eating popular Taiwainese sandwiches

As reported by the Centre for Health Protection in HK, the popular Taiwanese food brand Horng Ryen Jen has recently sparked health warnings.


46 fellow Hong Kongers became sick after consuming their ham and egg sandwiches. The number of affected people has been quickly climbing over the past few days.

People aged three to 69 were affected, having almost immediate symptoms of gastroenteritis such as vomiting and abdominal pain.

The Centre for Health Protection has identified the cause of these immediate reactions to consuming the sandwiches as salmonella, caused by extended storage in room temperature conditions and a fault in the food processing and production line.

According to SCMP, Horng Ryen Jen has denied all responsibility for the contamination of the sandwiches, insisting they were delivered fresh and had no branches involved in supplying directly to Hong Kong.

An immediate ban on imports and sales has been applied and it is obviously stressed that people do not eat these sandwiches, no matter how tempting.

Taiwan sandwich

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