HK$5 million 'lost' after travelling on CX198

A few days ago, a cash bag, containing the equivalent of HK$5 million was 'lost' after travellling from from Auckland to Hong Kong on CX198

The cash bag was "lost" in the cargo transfer service provided by the Hong Kong Airport Services, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific. 

As reported by the Standard, "The incident happened on Friday night when a luggage box labeled "G4S International" carrying 13 cash bags with about NZ$10 million was bound for the Bank of China. It is understood the box was transferred by trailer, on which there were no guards. When it arrived at Cathay's cargo point, only 10 bags remained. Police have examined CCTV video that showed two bags 'fell' out of the trailer when it went around a corner, as the wires that tied the box together had come undone."

The police labeled this case as theft and will continue their investigation to retrieve the third bag containing the stolen cash.

For more on this, read The Standard  

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