Teens dangling at the top of a HK skyscraper to take a selfie

A group of teen photographers take selfies on top of a Hong Kong Skyscraper, showing how far people can go for a self portrait.

Captured using a selfie stick, dangling at about 360 meters off the ground, the video shows teenagers tip toeing on thin ledges with no fear.

The boys walked the streets of Hong Kong searching for a very tall skyscraper. The group of fearless friends understood that one slip would result in a certain death, but they were determined to capture themselves with incredible landscape in the background from an extreme height. 

As reported by Business Insider, Alexander Remnov, 19, said “There was one dangerous moment when we tried to get to the top of The Centre tower, it became too crowded at the top and there wasn’t enough room for the three of us so we decided to go back down. We were lucky not to meet any police, but we did have some discussions with guards."

“Once we explained our mission to them and then showed them our cameras, they simply smiled and let us free. Hong Kong is one of the best places I have visited but I think I would need more than a month to visit all the best view points."

“We don’t know what city we will visit next but we’re certain it’s going to be a city with skyscrapers!”


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