Next time you eat clams, check where they come from

Over the weekend, long-time DB resident and environmentalist Kevin Laurie spotted clam diggers at Nim Shue Wan, near Discovery Bay. 

As Kevin explains, "If you value your health, my advice is simple. Avoid any clams sold in local fish markets until the Government takes the issue of food safety seriously."  

The  clams, spotted in Nim Shue Wan, will later be sold in local fish markets. Remember, anything you eat that was harvested from a storm drain outlet, is a risk.

Earlier this year, the Hong Kong health authorities warned residents against eating Canadian clams, specifically, geoduck clams. It was reported that a deadly toxin was discovered in a sample imported late December. The toxin can cause symptoms such as numbness of the mouth and limbs, which could eventually lead to death.  But in May 2015 The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) announced that the import ban imposed on geoduck clams from the Province of British Columbia, Canada, has been lifted with immediate effect.

Before you buy/ eat local or imported clams, be careful where they come from and if in any doubt, check 

Photo Credit: Kevin Laurie


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