Are you concerned about lead contamination in water?

Recently, lead contamination has been a heated topic in news headlines – hear what Integrated Medicine Institute’s (IMI) Founding Director Graeme Bradshaw has to say about it.

Lead toxicity is a serious matter and one of the most important chronic environmental illnesses affecting modern children. Exposure in Hong Kong often comes from lead-paint dust, or, in this case, materials in water pipes.

Graeme Bradshaw strongly recommends using a high quality water filtration system. Some water filters, which can be found in IMI, have been proven to remove 99.9% of chlorine, fluoride, arsenic and lead.

Lead accumulates in the liver and brain and is damaging to children especially. Lead poisoning can lead to delayed or reversed development, permanent learning disabilities, mood disorders including aggressiveness and depression, fatigue and anaemia.

When no obvious cause for a child's poor health or behaviour is apparent, parents ought to consider screening for heavy metals. Simple methods include a hair mineral analysis, and a urine test. For recent and ongoing lead exposure such as from the water supply, a simple blood test is adequate.

Lead toxicity is treatable; based on screening results, patients may consider undergoing a clinically-based, therapeutic detoxification program that lowers the level of heavy metal toxicity in the body. This can take a few months and, in IMI, is often administered by its medical doctor, Dr. Alen Liaw (MD), who is experienced in heavy metal detoxification.

At home, make sure you remove any sources of lead:

  • Lead-based paints, water pipes, etc.
  • Ceramics with blue-colour glazes and pewter (metal cups) could contain lead

For information on water filtration systems and heavy metal testing and detox treatment options, call 2523 7121.

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