Further update on Seabee burglary

The search for the third suspect of the HK$10m burglary remains in progress, but more details on the case have been disclosed!

The three suspects broke into 269 Seabee Lane’s 5,000 square-foot home last Friday morning, with CCTV footage of their walking around the area before the burglary. The homeowners’ male Filipino helper discovered the break-in on Friday morning and reported it to the police.

Two of the men, allegedly carrying bags filled with HK$2 million in yuan and Hong Kong dollars, were arrested at around 5am on Saturday at the DB ferry pier as they were attempting an escape by ferry. Both 24-year-old mainlanders, they hold two-way permits and have surnames Huang and Wei, The Standard reports.

The police are investigating surrounding areas for both the missing safe and the third suspect. Clothing found discarded in shrubbery by the Discovery Bay Marina Club is thought to belong to him. Spot checks were conducted on DB buses to Tung Chung and Sunny Bay.

The female owner of the Seabee home described the losses as “very little”, according to the Standard.

Of the three reported DB burglaries in the past three months, all those arrested were mainlanders.

Source: thestandard.com.hk and internal reports from the Security Liaison Group

Photos courtesy of Oriental Daily and Ming Pao 

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