News and update on the Seabee Lane burglary

Yesterday, members of the police diving team with a ‘diver down flag’ flying in Siena Bay, were searching for the safe which was stolen in a record-breaking burglary in Seabee Lane on 9 July 2015. 

As DB resident and ex member of the HK police Kevin Laurie explains: "Thanks to the newly installed CCTV system and the quick and well coordinated actions of the ever alert security guards, two suspects were arrested on 11 July with a considerable amount of the stolen property recovered, whilst a third suspect is still at large." Originally, HK$10 million was stolen, a combination of cash and jewellery.  
"I take my hat off to the police divers – above water, air temperatures in the vicinity of 33 degrees with no shade, underwater diving on a mudflat where visibility is zero at best. A thankless task, but something which as always, our police excel at! I also take my hat off to our security guards, also for excelling in performing a largely thankless task." Kevin adds.
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Photo credit: Kevin Laurie

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