Slow driving protest to object the opening of South Lantau roads

On Sunday July 12, a group of Lantau residents are organising a slow driving protest to oppose the removal/ relaxation of permits for South Lantau roads.

This slow driving protest starts at Mui Wo Market and will end in Tung Chung, Anyone can join.

Background: The HK Transport Department is planning to open up South Lantau roads to 50 non-resident vehicles and an extra 20 tourist coaches each weekday (the current quota is 30). This is supposed to encourage people to visit Lantau and increase foreign and local tourism.

The Lantau residents argue that this proposal makes no reference to road safety, traffic congestion, parking facilities and environment issues, etc. An opinion poll by Save Lantau Alliance in June found that 90% of South Lantau residents object the opening of South Lantau roads.

As this is only a proposal (see below the official proposal from the Transport Department), residents have decided to show their objection by organising a slow driving protest this coming Sunday. The Transport Department has asked Living Island Movement and other Green Groups for comments before 22 July 2015. They haven't asked the public for comments but in case you would like to voice your opinion, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In their blog, Living Island Movement (LIM) explain: "Based on the long experience of many LIM members of road usage in South Lantau, we propose implementation of the following measures, which would go a long way towards rectifying the current unsafe situation:

 Highways/Transport Department to upgrade regulations and enhance improve road signage:

  • Speed limits of 50 km to apply to the whole SLR
  • Speed limits of 30 km through ALL villages
  • Installation of roadside electronic speedometers advising drivers of their actual speed
  • No overtaking (double white lines) on whole length of SLR except at designated passing places
  • Traffic calming and/or speed bumps at entrance and exit and middle of all villages on the SLR (as seen in rural areas in Europe)
  • Signage such as “Tong Fuk welcomes careful drivers” for each village
  • More signage warning of blind exits/entrances on bends of the SLR, and near schools and beaches where children may be present
  • Relocation of bus stops away from blind spots on the road or streets (e.g. Mui Wo)
  • Removal of restrictive railings which discourage pedestrian use of the pavements"

To read more, go to



proposal for relaxation of traffic restrictions




slow driving 2


slow driving 3


Photo credit: Living island Movement

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