Do not leave your luggage unattended, even on board

Airport police have stated that they had received 36 reports on stealing during flights this year so far, 17 of which were from mainland China.

Last Thursday, police brought a business class passenger off his flight at Hong Kong airport after he was allegedly caught rummaging through others’ luggage.

The cabin crew called the police after a flight attendant spotted the 42-year-old from mainland China rifling luggage of other passengers at about 5am. When the plane landed on Thursday at around 7am, the man, surnamed Chen, was arrested at once, according to The Sun.

Chen boarded flight KA191, shared by Dragonair and Cathay Pacific, from Kathmandu to Hong Kong when the plane stopped in transit at Dhaka. He carried a Cathay boarding pass, The Sun reports.

Two passengers reported that they had lost US$1,000 and over HK $7,000 respectively. Other belongings from Chen were confiscated, including a mobile phone and laptop.

On flight KA603 from Xiamen to Hong Kong (also shared by Dragonair and Cathay Pacific), another man was arrested for stealing RMB7,000 from a passenger who was asleep. The 41-year-old suspect, also from mainland China, was seen by two passengers during his second attempt at stealing, Oriental Daily reports.


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