Contaminated water onboard 14 CX planes

A few days ago, Cathay Pacific announced that on 14 planes, the drinking water supply onboard the planes was contaminated, which resulted in sub-standard drinking water!

Since then, the contaminated planes have been sterilised and cleaned. The Airport Authority also cleaned the pipes at three water supply stations and the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co, which transports water from airport supply stations to the jets, cleaned all its 11 vehicles.

CX is now working with the HK Health Department to exactly determine the source of this contamination. As of Friday, as reported by the HK Standard, the source of the contamination hadn’t been found, as explained by a Health department spokesperson: "We have already looked into the steps involved in water supply. No source of contamination has been identified yet," a health department spokesman said.

The contaminated planes include five Boeing 777s, five Airbus 333s, and aircrafts that are only one or two years old. 

The airline is warning its passengers not to brush their teeth using the bathroom tap water, reports Apple Daily.

Photo credit: SCMP


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