DB Dragon Boating results 2015

Here are the results from Discovery Bay's Dragon Boat Races on June 20:

COC Bowl
Champion        : Jardine Sports Association - Team B
1st Runner-up        : Lantau Boat Club Mixed Green
2nd Runner-up        : 10 DESIGN

COC Plate
Champion        : Cathay Pacific Dragon Boat Team A
1st Runner-up        : LTA Dragon Boat Club Team A
2nd Runner-up        : Palm Beach Buffaloes

Champion        : Lantau Boat Club Mixed Red
1st Runner-up        : POKKA CAFE 和味龍
2nd Runner-up        : TEAM MUSHU of Hong Kong Disneyland

Sinopec Men's Race
Champion        : TEAM MUSHU of Hong Kong Disneyland
1st Runner-up        : Lantau Boat Club Men
2nd Runner-up        : Sea Cucumbers Men's Team

Sinopec Ladies' Race
Champion        : Lantau Boat Club Women
1st Runner-up        : Sea Cucumbers Ladies Team
2nd Runner-up        : DB Pirates Ladies

COC Youth Race
Champion        : Buddhist Tai Hung College
1st Runner-up        : Lamma Dragons U18
2nd Runner-up        : DC Cobras Dragon Boat Team

Community Race
Champion        : Ripple Effect
1st Runner-up        : Sea Cucumbers Mixed A
2nd Runner-up        : Latin Dragons

Congratulations to all who participated and we hope to see you again next year!

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