Catch Asia Week Hong Kong 2015 while you can

Asia Week Hong Kong 2015, celebrating and promoting Asian art in Hong Kong, is currently running at various venues throughout town.

The annual event, which began on May 27 and runs until June 11, sees Asia Week Hong Kong 2015 collaborate with local galleries, museums, auction houses and cultural institutions. Highlights of the remainder of Asia Week Hong Kong 2015 include:

June 5: Designer Talk: Continuing the Beauty of China by Dickson Yewn

June 6: Asia Week Hong Kong presents Stoneware Exhibition and Tea Appreciation by The Best Tea House & CUHK Art Museum

June 10: Curator Talk – “Innovation and Excellence in the Imperial Arts of 15th Century China” by Jessica Harrison-Hall from the British Museum

June 11: Asia Week Hong Kong 2015 Closing Party and re-launch of Collectors Circle and Panel Discussion with the Friends of the Art Museum

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