18 quarantined in HK over virus MERS

18 people have been quarantined in HK over virus MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), first discovered in Saudi Arabia 3 years ago. It's deadly in 40% of cases.


After a South Korean man travelled to HK with the deadly virus a few days ago, the HK government has urged all 158 passengers on Asiana Airlines Flight OZ723 from Seoul to Hong Kong on May 26, as well as passengers of the buses operated by Eternal East Cross-border Coach Limited that left the airport to Huizhou that day, to contact the government for further assessment. This was reported by SCMP yesterday.

"The Department of Health has tested 138 people, who tested negative for Mers, since 2012.

The number of confirmed cases to the World Health Organisation is 1,139, with at least 431 related deaths from 24 countries. Three more cases were recorded in South Korea, taking the total there to 13."

HK is now on high alert over the MERS virus but officials urge the public not to panic. BUT if you are travelling to South Korea and back to HK, you are obliged to report any health related issues if asked at the airport. Hong Kong does have laws against failing to declare a medical condition on arrival and you may get prosecuted if you lie to health check points at the airport.


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