Help DB save a moon bear

DBers Clara Chan and Dr Francis Chiu are raising funds to name and support a moon bear for the community, through Animals Asia Foundation. Check out this press release for all the information you need to help support the cause, including how to enter the competition to design the 'DBear' t-shirt.




Discovery Bay families have been helping to rescue Moon Bears in China and Vietnam through their support of Animals Asia Foundation for years. Now we have the opportunity to support a Moon Bear of our very own.

An exciting campaign is being launched to enable the DB community to ‘name’ our own Moon Bear in one of the Animals Asia Foundation sanctuaries. Our tentative name for DB’s Moon Bear is ‘DBear’.

According to Animals Asia, ‘naming’ a bear costs US$20,000 (approximately HK$155,000). This donation covers all the bear’s costs for three years, including surgery, health checks, food, toys and staff to care for DBear.

The good news is we are already around 1/3 of the way there in fundraising for DBear. DB resident Clara Chan, a local pianist and piano teacher, has been bringing together leading DB musical talent to perform ‘Moon Bear Concerts’ for the past four years. The cost of admission has been donated to Animals Asia Foundation to help save Moon Bears, and each concert has raised around HK$50,000.

HK$51,166 has been set aside for this new project from the 2015 Moon Bear Concert, held last March. We need to raise around a further HK$105,000.

Why do we need to help the Moon Bears?

Thousands of these beautiful, intelligent bears are trapped their whole lives in small cages with needles inserted in their bodies by bear bile farmers in Mainland China and Vietnam. There is a belief in these and some other Asian countries that bile from the bear’s gall bladder cures a variety of health problems. It is a cruel and painful existence that no animal should have to endure.

Animals Asia works to end bear bile farming and improve the welfare of Moon Bears. The foundation has rescued over 530 bears, caring for them at its award-winning bear sanctuaries in China and Vietnam.

How will DB raise enough funds to support our bear?

2. There will also be a family fun day fundraiser in DB’s South Plaza in Autumn, with face painting, games and other activities for young families and an opportunity to learn more about DBear.

3. For the adults there will be a fabulous, fun fundraising evening for DBear, date to be announced soon.

4. Make a donation for DBear. You can donate online to the Animals Asia / Discovery Bay DBear project through ‘JustGiving’, at

5. DB families - help us fundraise! Members of the community have already given some great suggestions. Whether selling cupcakes, holding a garage sale with proceeds to support DBear, children asking for DBear donations rather than presents at their birthday party, there are many things we can do!

All donations for DBear are very gratefully received.

For information on the DBear project, go to the DBear facebook page or contact Clara Chan:  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Tel +852 9707 7994.

For information on Animals Asia Foundation, contact Manon Oliver: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Tel: +852 2791 2225, Website:


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