Ladies hit out for Nepal

The Discovery Bay Ladies Day League did their bit for Nepal recently, with 24 ladies taking part in a three-hour “Tennis for Nepal” event at the Discovery Bay Recreation Club, raising HK$20,000.

There were auctions throughout the day, with items donated by New World/Rosewood Hotels, Marco Polo Hotels, Uncle Russ and a number of private parties.

YB Rai from Uncle Russ will facilitate the transfer of the money to the people of Nepal.

As it stands, YB, in conjunction with a number of organisations, has contributed a total of over HK$214,000, with a breakdown listed below.

 -  The captain and members of Little Sai Wan Golf Society - HK$38,020

 -  Big Sai Wan Golf Society members - HK$9,870

 -  Lantau Boat Club paddling members - HK$8,270

 -  Individual donors - HK$7,000

 -  Uncle Russ & Pier Bar donation boxes - HK$19,725

 -  Uncle Russ staff - HK$12,000

 -  Uncle Russ Coffee - HK$100,000

YB expressed his sincere appreciation, on behalf of all Nepalese people, for the generous donations and support.


Aid for Nepal

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