DB girls excel in World Irish Dance Championship

Congratulations to DB teens Emi and Blaise Kingan (from Echoes of Erin School of Irish Dance) who have just returned from the World Irish Dance Championships after achieving amazing results!

Emi and Blaise Kingan are now both European and World ranking Irish Dance champions! Both were part of Echoes of Erin school of Irish dance who came second in the World Irish Dance Drama Championships for the second year running.

Emi Kingan achieved  eight in the Solo World Irish Dancing Championships and sixth in the Solo European Championships, which were held in Germany from April 9 to 12, 2015. Along with also winning her premiership/championship, she won numerous other first, second and thirds place awards in her solo competitions. Blaise Kingan also won numerous awards in her solo dance.

As a school Echoes of Erin return to Hong Kong with over 150 awards from the European and World Irish Dancing championships and Feis 2015! Out of 18 Kids, 50 won first place awards and 10 received first place in their Premiership/Championships.

2015 champions res

Echoes of Erin Winner 2015 res

Echoes of Erin DB Irish Dancers would like to thank their sponsors and all those who have supported them - especially McSorley's who were particularly supportive.


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