Koren Thomas - Epicland, Discovery Bay

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My business partner Karina Aswani and I opened Discoveryland – the city’s largest indoor playground – in DB North Plaza in June 2014. We rebranded as EpicLand in October because ‘epic’ is the experience you get!

Paul Fortune: Aquablu Marine

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Born and bred in Hong Kong, I’ve lived in Discovery Bay for the past three years.

Sharon Lesley Le Roux: The Story Studio

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Whether it's Creative Writing or any other subject, learning should never be boring, says Sharon Lesley Le Roux.

Faye Castillo: Dance for Joy-HK

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Imoved to Hong Kong from the Philippines in 2005 as a 19-year-old, following a dream of performing in the ‘happiest place on earth’. I was part of Hong Kong Disneyland’s Disney on Parade team when it first opened, and later I joined the Lion King show as a chorus dancer for three years.

Meet Asa Wilking

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Director of Phoenic Wills, Asa Wilking tells us a little about herself