Rockin' in the free world: Lantau's live music scene

in Spotlight by Jack Page, 1 June 2017
Thanks to talented local musicians and welcoming venues, Lantau’s live music scene is alive and kicking. Jack Page reports.

Dipping in: Should expats do more to integrate with the local lifestyle?

in Spotlight by Marcus Hall, 1 April 2017
Is the role of an expat to integrate into local lifestyle and culture and does living in Lantau give us a head-start on this? Marcus Hall reports.

Up in arms: The battle to save Lantau's incense trees

in Spotlight by Jason Danes, 1 April 2017
Big men with machetes are smashing down gates and cutting up trees in our own backyards. Jason Danes reports on the battle for the incense trees.
Air pollution Lantau

Getting a lungful: Just how bad is Lantau's air quality?

in Spotlight by Henry Benjamin, 1 February 2017
Air pollution is on the rise in densely populated cities across the globe, and you only have to look out the window to see that this includes Hong Kong. But living on Lantau, many of us believe we are protected from the worst of the smog. Henry Benjamin investigates.

We Storytellers: How stories are at the heart of every human interaction

in Spotlight by Sharon Lesley Le Roux, 1 February 2017
Everyone enjoys a good story and we are all natural-born storytellers. Sharon Lesley Le Roux, one of this year’s mentors in the Around DB and Life on Lantau Young Writer’s Competition, reports.

Hike for the holidays: Exploring Lantau's remote 'West End'

in Spotlight by Jason Pagliari, 1 December 2016
Lantau’s seldom-visited ‘West End’ provides the intrepid explorer with deserted beaches, a Qing Dynasty fort and even a megalithic stone circle. Where better to celebrate the winter solstice? Jason Pagliari reports.

The rise of high-end housing in South Lantau

in Spotlight by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 October 2016
South Lantau is transforming from an urban beach destination for weekends to a high-end housing and luxury lifestyle enclave. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Pui O-based artist Martin Lever presents his latest Hong kong landscapes

in Spotlight by Patricia Jover, 1 August 2016
Patricia Jover sits down with Pui O-based artist Martin Lever, as he prepares to present his latest Hong Kong landscapes at the Asia Contemporary Art Show in September.

Ark Eden in Lantau, a world-renowned environmental education resource

in Spotlight by Jane Clyde, 1 April 2016
Ark Eden is becoming a world-renowned environmental education resource. Founder Jenny Quinton discusses 10 incredible years at the helm, and reveals what’s next. Jane Clyde reports.

On writing: encouraging children to write creatively

in Spotlight by Sharon Lesley Le Roux, 1 February 2016
In the lead up to the Around DB and Life on Lantau Young Writer’s Competition, Sharon Lesley Le Roux discusses the importance of encouraging children to write creatively.

Aid for Nepal

in Spotlight by Danielle Higgins
Fundraising efforts around Lantau began as soon as the news broke of the earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25.