Crimebuster: Senior superintendent Alice Lee talks policing in Lantau

in Persona by Martin Lerigo, 1 December 2016
Senior superintendent Alice Lee, Lantau’s new district commander, discusses the fascinating peculiarities of her new patch with Martin Lerigo.

The Buffalo whisperer: Meet Lantau legend Jean Leung

in Persona by Martin Lerigo, 1 October 2016
That Pui O resident Jean Leung can talk with water buffaloes is the stuff of Lantau legend. Martin Lerigo finds out what drives her and why these mighty beasts respond to her siren call.
Jacqui Green PALS

Jacqui Green of PALS talks cats, dogs and the good old days

in Persona by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 August 2016
Animal advocate and island inspiration, 27-year Mui Wo resident Jacqui Green talks cats, dogs and the good ol’ days, with Elizabeth Kerr.

Sir Hiss of Lantau: William Sargent

in Persona by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 June 2016
Slinking around with Lantau’s resident snake whisperer William Sargent, Elizabeth Kerr comes close to losing her ophiophobia.

Fans of Feign

in Persona by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 April 2016
Larry Feign has spent a lifetime making us laugh at – and reconsider – ourselves, through his thoughtful and thought-provoking, satirical cartoons. Here he reflects on a career and a new path as a writer. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

People's Choice: Newly elected Islands District Councillor Randy Yu Hon Kwan

in Persona by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 February 2016
Freshly elected Islands District Council Member (South Lantau), Randy Yu Hon Kwan is ready to tackle infrastructure, disharmony and a cynical constituency. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Meet running man Shane Early

in Persona by Elizabeth Kerr, October 2015
Ohio native and lifelong runner Shane Early gets his fill of small town living in Mui Wo, and hopes it will continue far into the future.

Free spirit Lloyd Belcher

in Persona by Elizabeth Kerr
Lantau-based photographer and filmmaker Lloyd Belcher is a free spirit.