Disneyland price hike

A day out at Hong Kong Disneyland just got more expensive, since the majority of tickets underwent a price rise on November 10.

Adult day passes rose 8% from HK$499 to HK$539, while children’s day passes went up 8.5% from HK$355 to HK$385. Silver adult annual passes jumped to HK$1,078 from HK$988 (9%) and children’s from HK$698 to HK$759 (8.75%).

On a positive note, adults opting for a gold annual pass will save HK$300 (HK$2,188 down to HK$1,888) and everyone who renews their annual passes will receive a 15% discount until March 31, 2016. Hong Kong residents can also continue to purchase one- and two-day tickets at the previous rate until January 10, 2016.

This year’s Christmas celebrations at Disneyland also kicked off in mid-November. Highlights include photo ops with your favourite Disney characters dressed in special festive costumes, classic holiday food from around the globe and, of course, Christmas-themed gifts.