Internet speeds beyond a joke

The poor quality of the broadband internet connection in South Lantau has long been a point of discussion, but the push to rectify the situation seems to be gathering momentum.

The Islands Broadband Concern Group (IBCG), set up by Lantau resident Robert Clark, has requested a meeting with PCCW/ HKT and hopes to get an indication of just how the group plans to improve the service.

In his Lantau Confidential blog, Robert says that PCCW is currently failing to deliver the services it committed to in its 2010 licence contract.

The current service is so poor that it is unable to stand up to basic use. A recent survey by the IBCG shows that the average broadband downlink on the islands is just 4.59mbps – less than one-twentieth of the Hong Kong average of 92.6mbps – and that 82% of residents are not happy with their internet service.

Local residents are being encouraged to make their feelings heard via the government hotline and by signing petitions. To find out more, read Robert’s blog