Experiencing wild Lantau: Celebrating our island's incredible biodiversity

in COVER STORY by Samantha Wong, 1 December 2016
In celebrating the island’s incredible biodiversity, Samantha Wong reminds us exactly what is at stake should the developers have their way.

Improvement for improvement's sake? Update on Lantau's mountain bike trail upgrades

in COVER STORY by Jason Pagliari, 1 October 2016
Avid mountain biker Jason Pagliari discusses the joys of off-road cycling in South Lantau and provides an update on government plans to upgrade the trails.

Discover five of Lantau's top beaches

in COVER STORY by Martin Lerigo, 1 August 2016
Whether your mood springs from youthful exuberance, infant inquisitiveness, the joy of family, or nostalgia for yesteryear, the sand and sea bring something out in us all. Martin Lerigo revisits his top five Lantau beaches.

Making of the Tung Chung metropolis

in COVER STORY by Martin Lerigo, 1 June 2016
From backwater to gateway city, Tung Chung’s is a story of rapid growth and development. Is it an example of too far too fast or a symbol of Hong Kong’s economic miracle? Martin Lerigo reports.

Community Divider

in COVER STORY by Sam Agars, 1 April 2016
Whether you view it as a blot on the landscape or Lantau’s entry into a brave new world, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is an incredible feat of engineering. Sam Agars reports.

Into the Wild: what you need to know about hiking in Lantau Island

in COVER STORY by Martin Lerigo, 1 February 2016
Hiking reveals Lantau’s beating heart in all its barefaced beauty. It also affords the enthusiast with the space and freedom to overcome physical and mental challenges and experience true camaraderie. Martin Lerigo reports.

Island living - the Lantau property market

in COVER STORY by Elizabeth Kerr, December 2015
Lantau’s increasingly complex property market faces an equally complex – and possibly luxurious – future. Whether or not our tranquil isle is headed for the kind of fiery property landscape so common in the rest of the SAR, is a question many residents are asking.

Can Lantau go both ways?

in COVER STORY by Sam Agars, October 2015
Prime land to provide essential housing for Hong Kong’s growing population, or a bucolic idyll to be preserved and saved in its existing state?

Lantau, a first-class water sport centre

in COVER STORY by Sam Agars
Local water sport centres have noticed a significant increase in both locals and tourists flocking to their shores, Sam Agars reports.

Not so easy rider

in COVER STORY by Phil Macdonald
Cyclists injured in North Lantau The tragic death of Tung Chung resident Colin Robertson on June 5 last year highlighted the ever-present dangers of cycling in Hong Kong.

No Hope?

in COVER STORY by Phil Macdonald
The tragic story of Hope has refocused our attention on the sad plight of Hong Kong’s neglected Chinese White Dolphins. Phil Macdonald reports.