A new chapter in Lantau's development

With a New Year comes a fresh start and, as the founding chairman of Lantau Development Alliance (LaDA), it is my pleasure to wish island residents a prosperous 2016.

The New Year marks the start of a new chapter in Lantau’s development. In mid-January, the Lantau Development Advisory Committee (LanDAC) submitted its first-term work report to the government, proposing the development of an economic and housing corridor in North Lantau. The report states that the predominant part of Lantau would be conserved, with leisure and tourism facilities added at various key locations. A public consultation campaign is currently on-going, and everyone is welcome to voice their view of the report.

Since the establishment of Tung Chung New Town in the late 90s, residents and commercial and district-representative bodies have been urging for more employment opportunities, improved community facilities and enhanced connectivity both within Lantau and with downtown Hong Kong. The Lantau development proposals aim at balancing and addressing these requests. The plan is to transform Lantau into a more desirable location for living and employment, while addressing the social and economic needs of Hong Kong at large.

While the development proposals are being considered, efforts are on-going to improve living standards for the community. One example is the S64X bus route, which runs between Yat Tung Estate in Tung Chung and the north end of Chek Lap Kok every morning. With the addition of a stop at AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE), this direct bus service, launched on January 1, reduces the commute for residents working at commercial facilities in and around Hong Kong International Airport. Before the S64X, it took almost an hour to get to AWE from Yat Tung Estate, now the trip takes around 20 minutes.

After a three-month trial, the Transport Department will consider whether the frequency of this service (or the number of stops) should be further increased.

The extended S64X bus service is only one of many enhancements planned for 2016. In the coming year, residents, employers and the government will be called upon to prepare Lantau for the transformation ahead.

The Lantau Development Alliance (LaDA) is a group of local organisations and enterprises on Lantau that have come together to promote the social and economic development of the island. Visit www.lantau-da.com.hk.