Dining to be eco-aware

To promote the concept of sustainable seafood to the public, WWF-Hong Kong this year held a Sustainable Seafood Week and as its long-term partner in environmental conservation, AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) got involved.

Hong Kong is the second largest consumer of seafood per capita in Asia, and huge demand puts a heavy burden on local and overseas marine resources. 

During the campaign, Good Hope School opted for an ocean-friendly menu at its 60th anniversary dinner banquet, held at AWE. At a luncheon for 200, AWE’s master chefs presented the media and principals of the school with a first taste of the special, sustainable menu. Delicacies included Boston Lobster Salad, Farmed Oyster Chowder and Steamed Local Indoor-Farmed Garoupa.

Stephanie Cheung, WWF-Hong Kong programme officer, introduced Sustainable Seafood Week during the luncheon. “More and more people are now choosing sustainable seafood as there has been an increased awareness of environmental conservation in recent years,” she said.

By adopting this ocean-friendly menu, Good Hope School supervisor Sister Pauline Yuen hopes to teach students the importance of marine conservation. “We hope it will become their life-long habit to make sustainable choices and help create a greener world,” she said.

WWF-Hong Kong held the first Sustainable Seafood Week four years ago with nine participating restaurants. This year, over 100 got involved.

Besides participating in the WWF-Hong Kong campaign, AWE now offers a Carbon Care Banquet for companies and organisations. It calculates the carbon emissions created by hosting each banquet, and offers a wide selection of ‘green’ dishes.

Fully committed to reducing waste at these banquets, AWE recycles used cooking oil into eco-friendly biodiesel. It also recommends that surplus food is donated to local charities, like Food Angel, and that leftover items, like wine bottles, are recycled. It’s time for seafood lovers – and everyone in Hong Kong – to start making environmentally aware dining choices.

The Lantau Development Alliance (LaDA) is a group of local organisations and enterprises on Lantau that have come together to promote the social and economic development of the island. Visit www.lantau-da.com.hk.

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