Island getaway: A day out in Peng Chau

in INSIDER by Jason Pagliari, 1 June 2017
On your day off and when the skies are blue, put on those sunglasses and jump on an early ferry to Peng Chau. Within 20 minutes, you’ll find yourself well off the beaten track, writes Jason Pagliari.

No pain just gain: The benefits of acupuncture

in HEALTH & FITNESS by Samantha Wong, 1 June 2017
How does getting stuck with tiny needles you can’t quite feel benefit your health? Samantha Wong consults Japanese acupuncturist Galit Cohen Nagar.

Rockin' in the free world: Lantau's live music scene

in Spotlight by Jack Page, 1 June 2017
Thanks to talented local musicians and welcoming venues, Lantau’s live music scene is alive and kicking. Jack Page reports.

Dipping in: Should expats do more to integrate with the local lifestyle?

in Spotlight by Marcus Hall, 1 April 2017
Is the role of an expat to integrate into local lifestyle and culture and does living in Lantau give us a head-start on this? Marcus Hall reports.

Beating the study blues: How to prepare mentally and emotionally for high school exams

in HEALTH & FITNESS by Barbara Cooper, 1 April 2017
Being prepared mentally and emotionally is the key to success in the final high school exams. Barbara Cooper offers some practical advice for stressed-out students.

Here be dragons: Dragon boating in South Lantau

in INSIDER by Jason Pagliari, 1 April 2017
Spring is in full swing and for those with a sense of ancient tradition who crave the competition and adrenalin of sprint paddling, that means only one thing. Jason Pagliari reports.

Old-school activist: Taking a stand against the East Lantau Metropolis

in Persona by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 April 2017
Mui Wo resident Tom Yam is putting his science background into the fight against city hall, and urging island-lovers to make a stand against the proposed East Lantau Metropolis. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Up in arms: The battle to save Lantau's incense trees

in Spotlight by Jason Danes, 1 April 2017
Big men with machetes are smashing down gates and cutting up trees in our own backyards. Jason Danes reports on the battle for the incense trees.
Pui O beach

Pui O Beach campsite revamp

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb, 1 February 2017
South Lantau residents and those travelling to the area can expect a treat as the weather warms up later in 2017, since the Pui O Beach Campsite is undergoing a revamp.
Valentines Day Race Lantau

Love on the run: The LBC Valentines Race 2017

in INSIDER by Samantha Wong, 1 February 2017
Lantau Base Camp extended its reach with an inaugural all-female race in January, and its annual Valentine’s dash continues to attract a passionate following. Samantha Wong reports.
Air pollution Lantau

Getting a lungful: Just how bad is Lantau's air quality?

in Spotlight by Henry Benjamin, 1 February 2017
Air pollution is on the rise in densely populated cities across the globe, and you only have to look out the window to see that this includes Hong Kong. But living on Lantau, many of us believe we are protected from the worst of the smog. Henry Benjamin investigates.

Instrumental connections: Mui Wo resident Jimmy Denis talks ukuleles

in Persona by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 February 2017
French transplant and Mui Wo resident Jimmy Denis is on a mission to extend the ukulele’s unlikely renaissance to Hong Kong – one pluck at a time. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

We Storytellers: How stories are at the heart of every human interaction

in Spotlight by Sharon Lesley Le Roux, 1 February 2017
Everyone enjoys a good story and we are all natural-born storytellers. Sharon Lesley Le Roux, one of this year’s mentors in the Around DB and Life on Lantau Young Writer’s Competition, reports.

Practice makes perfect: What is Sophrology and how can it help you?

in HEALTH & FITNESS by Samantha Wong, 1 February 2017
Simple and easy to learn, Sophrology aims to help people live more consciously, with their minds and bodies in harmony. Samantha Wong reports.

Festive arrangement: Simple, stylish and easy decorating tips

in INSIDER by Jane Clyde, 1 December 2016
Capture the magic of a classic holiday season by following Jane Clyde’s simply stylish and totally doable decorating tips.

Taming your tech monster: Are your kids in need of a digital detox?

in HEALTH & FITNESS by Lorraine Cook, 1 December 2016
Are your kids in need of a digital detox? Lorraine Cook has some practical tips for getting children off their devices and back into family life.

Hike for the holidays: Exploring Lantau's remote 'West End'

in Spotlight by Jason Pagliari, 1 December 2016
Lantau’s seldom-visited ‘West End’ provides the intrepid explorer with deserted beaches, a Qing Dynasty fort and even a megalithic stone circle. Where better to celebrate the winter solstice? Jason Pagliari reports.

Experiencing wild Lantau: Celebrating our island's incredible biodiversity

in COVER STORY by Samantha Wong, 1 December 2016
In celebrating the island’s incredible biodiversity, Samantha Wong reminds us exactly what is at stake should the developers have their way.

Crimebuster: Senior superintendent Alice Lee talks policing in Lantau

in Persona by Martin Lerigo, 1 December 2016
Senior superintendent Alice Lee, Lantau’s new district commander, discusses the fascinating peculiarities of her new patch with Martin Lerigo.

Silvermine Bay Beach signature project: Update

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb, 1 December 2016
Recently we brought you the news that Silvermine Bay Beach at Mui Wo is undergoing a major upgrade that will include a range of new facilities and a viewing deck near the beach’s entrance.

Mui Wo Promenade taking shape

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb, 1 December 2016
The Civil Engineering and Development Department’s (CEDD) Mui Wo Facelift project is fast nearing completion, with the waterfront promenade now open for use, although not officially.

Beating the sun: MoonTrekker is back for 2016

in INSIDER by Emily Dowd, 1 October 2016
Catching up with race founder William Sargent, Emily Dowd discovers why Barclays MoonTrekker is one of Lantau’s most popular night-time activities.

Call for improved access to South Lantau

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb, 1 October 2016
When part of the South Lantau Road was obstructed due to landslides last month, it had to be temporarily closed, interrupting the flow of traffic. Fortunately, the authorities were able to clear much of the obstruction before nightfall, and the ferry service between Tung Chung and Tai O was stepped up, minimising inconvenience to local residents.

What exactly is osteopathy?

in HEALTH & FITNESS by Samantha Wong, 1 October 2016
Osteopaths use a broad range of gentle, hands-on techniques including soft-tissue stretching, deep tactile pressure and joint manipulation. Samantha Wong consults three local practitioners to find out how everyone can benefit.

The rise of high-end housing in South Lantau

in Spotlight by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 October 2016
South Lantau is transforming from an urban beach destination for weekends to a high-end housing and luxury lifestyle enclave. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

The Buffalo whisperer: Meet Lantau legend Jean Leung

in Persona by Martin Lerigo, 1 October 2016
That Pui O resident Jean Leung can talk with water buffaloes is the stuff of Lantau legend. Martin Lerigo finds out what drives her and why these mighty beasts respond to her siren call.

Improvement for improvement's sake? Update on Lantau's mountain bike trail upgrades

in COVER STORY by Jason Pagliari, 1 October 2016
Avid mountain biker Jason Pagliari discusses the joys of off-road cycling in South Lantau and provides an update on government plans to upgrade the trails.

Tai O turned upside down? Improvement works get the go-ahead

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb, 1 October 2016
A HK$74.7 million contract entered into by the Civil Engineering and Development Department and Wing Hing Construction Company in September for improvement works at Tai O has Lantau residents wondering what will become of the idyllic fishing village.

Mui Wo cattle under threat of relocation

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb, 1 October 2016
On September 13, local concern groups met with the government to discuss the recent proposal by members of the Mui Wo Rural Committee to relocate the 25 or so cows, that live in Mui Wo, to the Soko Islands, several miles off the south coast of Lantau.

South Lantau road fears realised

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb, 1 October 2016
Residents’ fears surrounding the implementation of additional car and tourist-coach permits for South Lantau seem to be coming to fruition, with the number of drivers caught without a permit increasing significantly in the first half of this year.

Pui O-based artist Martin Lever presents his latest Hong kong landscapes

in Spotlight by Patricia Jover, 1 August 2016
Patricia Jover sits down with Pui O-based artist Martin Lever, as he prepares to present his latest Hong Kong landscapes at the Asia Contemporary Art Show in September.
Jacqui Green PALS

Jacqui Green of PALS talks cats, dogs and the good old days

in Persona by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 August 2016
Animal advocate and island inspiration, 27-year Mui Wo resident Jacqui Green talks cats, dogs and the good ol’ days, with Elizabeth Kerr.
Arnold Shwarzenegger Hong Kong show

Arnie's awesome multi-sport festival

in LADA UPDATE by Allen Ha, 1 August 2016
We’re all looking forward to watching the Summer Olympics this month, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to find yourself face to face with top international athletes, in a setting where you can discuss, learn and share?

The inspirational trail running documentary Mira

in INSIDER by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 August 2016
Lantau photographer Lloyd Belcher slips into the director’s chair once again for his latest documentary, Mira – the story of a Nepalese village girl turned trail-running superstar. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Judicial review to preserve Lantau's wetlands

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb, 1 August 2016
The Judicial Review that aims to halt the landfilling that is destroying South Lantau’s wetlands is taking place on September 27 at the High Court in Queensway, Admiralty.

Double-deckers for South Lantau

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb, 1 August 2016
New Lantau Bus Company (NLB) is considering a trial of double-decker buses in South Lantau. This comes hot on the heels of the new double-decker buses servicing the Discovery Bay to Sunny Bay route.

Mountain bike trail upgrades

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb, 1 August 2016
Enhancements by the government’s Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) to Lantau’s mountain bike trails have been given the go-ahead, subject to objections lodged being withdrawn. The ‘upgrades’ are planned for the Chi Ma Wan Country Trail circular route and the coastal route from Mui Wo to Shap Long.

Helping children cope when friends relocate

in HEALTH & FITNESS by Lorraine Cook, 1 August 2016
For children in our community, life can be an endless circle of goodbyes as they or their friends relocate to pastures new. Lorraine Cook looks at ways to help with the transitioning.

Discover five of Lantau's top beaches

in COVER STORY by Martin Lerigo, 1 August 2016
Whether your mood springs from youthful exuberance, infant inquisitiveness, the joy of family, or nostalgia for yesteryear, the sand and sea bring something out in us all. Martin Lerigo revisits his top five Lantau beaches.

Sir Hiss of Lantau: William Sargent

in Persona by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 June 2016
Slinking around with Lantau’s resident snake whisperer William Sargent, Elizabeth Kerr comes close to losing her ophiophobia.

Boosting the tourism sector

in LADA UPDATE by arounddb
Earlier this year, Hong Kong recorded a decline in tourist arrivals and in light of the situation, the government has suggested a number of supportive measures for the tourism sector, including boosting the number of high-spending overnight visitors, and promoting meetings, incentives, conferences, and events (MICE) tourism. It is hoped that with these measures in place, the industry can be led…

A Night at the Theatre in Lantau at the YMCA

in INSIDER by Sam Agars, 1 June 2016
Showing up at rehearsals for YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College’s upcoming musical, Sam Agars discovers that student productions can be quite a revelation.

Nutrition for weight loss

in HEALTH & FITNESS by Jamie McGregor, 1 June 2016
Fad diets don’t work but what to do instead? Jamie McGregor provides a scientific guide to creating and maintaining a healthy, goal-orientated eating regime.

Making of the Tung Chung metropolis

in COVER STORY by Martin Lerigo, 1 June 2016
From backwater to gateway city, Tung Chung’s is a story of rapid growth and development. Is it an example of too far too fast or a symbol of Hong Kong’s economic miracle? Martin Lerigo reports.

Global perspective

in INSIDER by Jane Clyde, 1 April 2016
We island dwellers love to shop and travel, and shop while travelling, and this is reflected in our homes. Jane Clyde reports.

Public participation in expanding Lantau's horizons

in LADA UPDATE by arounddb, 30 March 2016
Contributed by Lantau Development Alliance.

Tips from Tung Chung Vet Centre

in Ask the Expert by Anita Tomasov, 1 April 2016
The weather will soon be warming up and the increased humidity can cause minor skin irritations, commonly experienced by our dogs, to escalate into a major problem. It’s essential to monitor your pet closely and take action if he is itching or biting his skin more than usual.

Under pressure

in HEALTH & FITNESS by Lorraine Cook, 1 April 2016
Stress is now so commonplace that for many of us it has become a way of life. But when stress becomes overwhelming, it can damage your health, mood, relationships and quality of life. Lorraine Cook presents some quick fixes and life-altering solutions.

Ark Eden in Lantau, a world-renowned environmental education resource

in Spotlight by Jane Clyde, 1 April 2016
Ark Eden is becoming a world-renowned environmental education resource. Founder Jenny Quinton discusses 10 incredible years at the helm, and reveals what’s next. Jane Clyde reports.

Fans of Feign

in Persona by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 April 2016
Larry Feign has spent a lifetime making us laugh at – and reconsider – ourselves, through his thoughtful and thought-provoking, satirical cartoons. Here he reflects on a career and a new path as a writer. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Community Divider

in COVER STORY by Sam Agars, 1 April 2016
Whether you view it as a blot on the landscape or Lantau’s entry into a brave new world, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is an incredible feat of engineering. Sam Agars reports.

ESF Tung Chung enrolling now

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb, 1 April 2016
ESF Tung Chung International Kindergarten took possession of its new space in the Visionary in Tung Chung on March 1 – this will be the biggest of ESF’s five Hong Kong kindergartens when it opens in August.

Holden’s plans for Tung Chung South

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb, 1 April 2016
Chow Ho Ding Holden, the Islands District Council member for Tung Chung South, has big plans for his constituency in both the short and long term, with his immediate focus on creating jobs.

Tung Chung cinema to shut

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb, 1 April 2016
Lantau residents have not reacted kindly to the news that the UA Cinema complex at Citygate Outlets in Tung Chung is closing this month, and have launched a petition.

Lantau News: Space for all?

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by Sam Agars, 1 April 2016
There’s lots going on with the Space for All Lantau Development Plan, which the Lantau Development Advisory Committee (LanDAC) launched in mid-January, bringing all its development plans for Lantau under one banner and introducing a three-month public engagement exercise.

On writing: encouraging children to write creatively

in Spotlight by Sharon Lesley Le Roux, 1 February 2016
In the lead up to the Around DB and Life on Lantau Young Writer’s Competition, Sharon Lesley Le Roux discusses the importance of encouraging children to write creatively.

People's Choice: Newly elected Islands District Councillor Randy Yu Hon Kwan

in Persona by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 February 2016
Freshly elected Islands District Council Member (South Lantau), Randy Yu Hon Kwan is ready to tackle infrastructure, disharmony and a cynical constituency. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Landac report baffles residents

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by Tom Squires, 1 February 2016
The Lantau Development Advisory Committee (LanDAC), the government’s Lantau advisory committee, has thrown its support behind large-scale land reclamation on Lantau in its recently released first-term work report.

Turtle dead in fishing net

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by Tom Squires, 1 February 2016
In early January, Southeast Asia director for Sea Shepherd, Discovery Bay resident Gary Stokes was called out to recover a dead green turtle, entangled in a fishing net near Pui O.

All hail new taxis

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by Tom Squires, 1 February 2016
On a positive note for South Lantau residents, 25 new taxis are expected to commence operation in the second quarter of 2016.

South Lantau roads to open up

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by Tom Squires, 1 February 2016
As of December last year, the number of tour coaches allowed on South Lantau roads rose from 30 to 40, and this month, 25 additional private cars will be permitted to enter on weekdays for leisure and recreational purposes.

A new chapter in Lantau's development

in LADA UPDATE by Allen Ha, 1 February 2016
With a New Year comes a fresh start and, as the founding chairman of Lantau Development Alliance (LaDA), it is my pleasure to wish island residents a prosperous 2016.

Good Counsel: Seeking professional help for your child

in HEALTH & FITNESS by Lorraine Cook, 1 February 2016
Something is bothering your child or holding him back. You’ve tried talking to him, but can’t get anywhere. Lorraine Cook suggests it’s time to seek professional help.

Into the Wild: what you need to know about hiking in Lantau Island

in COVER STORY by Martin Lerigo, 1 February 2016
Hiking reveals Lantau’s beating heart in all its barefaced beauty. It also affords the enthusiast with the space and freedom to overcome physical and mental challenges and experience true camaraderie. Martin Lerigo reports.

Organising the TransLantau: Sabrina Dumont

in Ask the Expert by Sabrina Dumont, 1 February 2016
My husband Clement and I have been organising the TransLantau trail run for the past four years. This year, we expect close to 2,000 athletes (30% from overseas) to compete in the event, March 11 to 13.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

in INSIDER by Samantha Wong, 1 February 2016
Usher in health, wealth and happiness at Chinese New Year with festive finery and flowers. Samantha Wong finds out how

New Islands District Council member

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb
Randy Yu Ho Kwan was the popular choice for Lantau in the Islands District Council elections on November 22, winning over 50% of the vote.

Disneyland price hike

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb
A day out at Hong Kong Disneyland just got more expensive, since the majority of tickets underwent a price rise on November 10.

Hope for South Lantau internet

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb
Last issue, we reported on South Lantau’s poor quality broadband internet connection, and the determination of Islands Broadband Concern Group (IBCG) to get it improved.

Bid for Tung Chung River Nature Park

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb
Local concern groups, Green Power, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, Hong Kong Outdoors, Lantau Buffalo Association, Eco-Education & Resources Centre, The Conservancy Association, Designing Hong Kong (DHK) and WWF – Hong Kong, have combined to lobby for the protection of one of the last remaining un-channelled rivers in Hong Kong.

Koren Thomas - Epicland, Discovery Bay

in BUSINESS MATTERS by arounddb
My business partner Karina Aswani and I opened Discoveryland – the city’s largest indoor playground – in DB North Plaza in June 2014. We rebranded as EpicLand in October because ‘epic’ is the experience you get!

7 unusual activities to try over the holidays

in STEP N’ OUT by Nick Thorpe, December 2015
Hong Kong is one of the most exciting, vibrant cities in the world. But for many people who live here, life quickly falls into a safe routine of the same bars, clubs and restaurants.

Why Lantau needs improved transportation

in LADA UPDATE by arounddb
The barge crash in October that saw the Kap Shui Mun Bridge closed for two hours has led to questions about how easily Lantau can be cut off from the rest of Hong Kong.

A time for giving - Lantau's unique culture of kindness

in INSIDER by Rebecca Tomasis, December 2015
There exists, or so it seems sometimes, in South Lantau, a currency between neighbours that cannot be counted nor stored in any bank.

Through mountain glens to Tung Chung Fort

in HIT THE TRAILS by Martin Lerigo, December 2015
Drawing you up the lower slopes of Sunset Peak and then down through remote Wong Lung Hang Valley, this walk culminates at Tung Chung Fort, a relic of yesteryear, nestling in the shadow of a modern-day tower block.

Set the tempo with resistance training

in HEALTH & FITNESS by Jamie McGregor, December 2015
The benefits of resistance training are well-known but if you are going to do it, then you might as well do it right.

Island living - the Lantau property market

in COVER STORY by Elizabeth Kerr, December 2015
Lantau’s increasingly complex property market faces an equally complex – and possibly luxurious – future. Whether or not our tranquil isle is headed for the kind of fiery property landscape so common in the rest of the SAR, is a question many residents are asking.

Italian cooking tips from Como Lake

in Ask the Expert by Chef Giampiero, December 2015
If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about Italian cooking over the past 50 years, it’s to use fresh ingredients and extra-virgin olive oil. By so doing, you are already guaranteed a more delicious and authentic outcome. Here are a couple more tips that I hope you will find useful.

Lantau Trail Hikes

in HIT THE TRAILS by Nic Tinworth
Starting and finishing in the quiet coastal hamlet of Mui Wo, the 70-kilometre Lantau Trail was opened to the public in December 1984. It consists of 12 well-maintained and marked sections, with excellent visitor facilities along the way.

Paul Fortune: Aquablu Marine

in BUSINESS MATTERS by arounddb
Born and bred in Hong Kong, I’ve lived in Discovery Bay for the past three years.

Your entry to the real Hong Kong

in STEP N’ OUT by arounddb
Whether you’re a local or an expat, you’ve probably done your fair share of sightseeing and playing tour guide to the myriad family members and friends who’ve popped over to experience the joys of the territory.

Meet running man Shane Early

in Persona by Elizabeth Kerr, October 2015
Ohio native and lifelong runner Shane Early gets his fill of small town living in Mui Wo, and hopes it will continue far into the future.

Take your litter home

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb
Bins have been removed from Section Three of the Lantau Trail as part of a government push to stop littering.

Ride sharing on South Lantau roads

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb
Mui Wo resident Ali Bullock has come up with a creative way to help alleviate the well-publicised lack of taxis and other forms of public transport in South Lantau, launching the Facebook group Mui Wo to Tai O Taxi & Car Service.

Internet speeds beyond a joke

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb
The poor quality of the broadband internet connection in South Lantau has long been a point of discussion, but the push to rectify the situation seems to be gathering momentum.

High court hearing for buffalo

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb
As reported in previous editions of Life On Lantau, there has been considerable landfilling taking place on the Pui O wetlands since last November.

Chi Ma Wan to the Turquoise Lake

in HIT THE TRAILS by Martin Lerigo, October 201
This walk takes you from Pui O, around the Chi Ma Wan Peninsula, to a mysterious and eerie turquoise lake known to only the more adventurous of Hong Kong’s hikers.

Natural selection - choosing your super veggies

in HEALTH & FITNESS by Jamie McGregor, October 2015
Vegetables have enjoyed a renaissance in the last couple of years with people packing their plates with them, and switching on to the benefits of green juicing, supplementing and so on.

Preventing and treating heatstroke in pets

in Ask the Expert by Ivy Cheung, October 2015
We all know from experience that the sun can cause dehydration and heatstroke in humans, and the same goes for our pets.

Can Lantau go both ways?

in COVER STORY by Sam Agars, October 2015
Prime land to provide essential housing for Hong Kong’s growing population, or a bucolic idyll to be preserved and saved in its existing state?

New Central Business District planned

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb
The government came up with a proposal to develop Lantau into a third generation Central Business District (CBD) and form an East Lantau Metropolis in its 2014 policy address.

Uber competition for Lantau taxis

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb
Last month, taxi drivers criticised transport authorities for failing to put an halt to private car drivers offering cheap rides through car-hailing mobile apps such as Uber.

Does your will cover everything it should?

in Ask the Expert by Annette M. Houlihan
Protect your loved ones by making a will, says Annette M. Houlihan.

Moving with kids from DB to South Lantau

in INSIDER by Rebecca Tomasis
Relocating from DB to South Lantau is a no-brainer for some, a step too far for others. Rebecca Tomasis weighs the pros and cons.

What weightlifting can do for you

in HEALTH & FITNESS by Jamie McGregor

Sharon Lesley Le Roux: The Story Studio

in BUSINESS MATTERS by Sharon Lesley Le Roux
Whether it's Creative Writing or any other subject, learning should never be boring, says Sharon Lesley Le Roux.

Climbing Tiger's Head in three to four hours

in HIT THE TRAILS by Martin Lerigo
This hike takes you from the sophisticated model landscape of Discovery Bay to the old-world charm of Mui Wo, says Martin Lerigo.

Best rooftop bars and restaurants

in STEP N’ OUT by arounddb
The weather’s sure to be sunny this month, so why not hunker down al fresco and take in some spectacular city and harbour views? If you want to kick back and relax outdoors, Hong Kong’s rooftop restaurants and bars are the place to do it.

Dining to be eco-aware

in LADA UPDATE by arounddb
To promote the concept of sustainable seafood to the public, WWF-Hong Kong this year held a Sustainable Seafood Week and as its long-term partner in environmental conservation, AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) got involved.

Ban on selfie sticks

in HOT OFF THE PRESS by arounddb
It’s official, selfie sticks are no longer allowed at Hong Kong Disneyland.